Thursday, February 28, 2013

I can’t reach it!


Yesterday found this amazing video of a desperate kid trying to reach to moon. Taken aback by the freshness and the innocence in this kid, I watched this video again and again. Interestingly a NASA employee must have seen this video, now invited the girl to have a visit to their lab to see how close she can reach to the moon.


Stay foolish and stay hungry was what all Steve Jobs had to say to be successful in life. Its hard to stay foolish intentionally because one becomes smart at the very moment one thinks he or she is foolish. Contrarily we better try to be smart hence become fools. lol.

May be the best way is to be yourself without worrying too much about how others would judge us. Easier said than done. These days I at least try to be, then my own problem is I am not sure who exactly am I. Open-mouthed smile


  1. Our minds are corrupted and we have too much of prejudice... This reminded me of one of the teams at YIT Geek challenge. Their topic was on developing something similar to a google glass but for the visually impaired. A lot of people had the opinion that it cannot be done. I told some of our guys, our minds are corrupted we it doesn't let us accept any concept beyond what we have reached or what we know!

  2. Well said Sayanthan. Too much of prejudice. Einstein's biography reveals, he was trying forget whatever Newton had to say on the theory of physics to approach his own ideas of 3D space and time. And he did that when working at the patent office, and not yet received any offers for his research ideas. But then he is Einstein :D