Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Creating a branch in GIT.

The steps to create branches and working with number of branches in parallel.

  • How to create a branch in the local repository?
git branch branch-jk

  • Listing down the branches in the local repository
git branch
* master
  • To switch to branch
      git checkout branch-jk
If you have dirty files in your local environment when your try to switch to branch, it will fail. So either commit to master before switch. OR stash it.
git stash
Now your  working directory is clean, so you can switch to branch.

  • To get back to your master tasks and continuing on from the dirty environment.
git checkout master
git stash list
Run either git apply OR git apply stash@{0}

  • To delete a branch.
git branch -d branch-jk

  • To push your branch to remote.
  git push -u origin branch-jk

Friday, October 11, 2013


I am a part of the proud generation who grew up watching legendary players in the names of Vivian, Lara, Ambrose, Gowri, Kandee, Warne, Ponting, Saurav, Dravid, Imran, Wasim, Miandand and Kallis. Then of-course there is this man who been the synonym of cricket for last twenty years or so. 

I still remember his first ever series in Pakistan during the IPKF time. Still remember listening to the live commentaries of his innings in early 90s. Still remember his back to back centuries in Sharjah against Warnie. His heart breaking semifinal run out in 96 world cup. His massacre against Olanga. His 130 in Chennai. His 40 odd runs at Dhakka independence cup. His six against Caddick. His 175 against Aus. Two years ago I watched him at MCG, playing his unique check drive off Pattinson in the boxing day test match, jumped up and clapped like a child.

Sachin... the reason for me following the Indian cricket, perhaps cricket in general. Its probably the final nail in the coffin now with only Kallis is left from the great generation.

Thank you for entertaining us for twenty years sir.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

And the Mountains Echoed!

I was rushing, really rushing. I had to buy a birthday card and go to the party which I was already late to. I was walking past all the shops and leading to the cards store. Then all of a sudden something stroked. I stopped, backtracked and hopped into the shop. There was this "New Releases" section and I found it! The book I was eagerly waiting for its release, but completely forgot its due this week in Australia. Yes it did and I bought it without even checking the price! What a moment of glory to get the smell of the new loving book. 

The next few weeks will be "And the Mountains Echoed"

"You don't choose a book, a book choses you"

Sunday, March 31, 2013


"If your house was on fire and you had 60 seconds, what would you take? "

This question was in the movie Leap Year, a movie about a soon to be engaged, confused Boston girl meeting a country bartender come chef, an  Irish boy in a little town called Dingle. The girl is well educated, intellect but totally confused with what she was doing. She was actually going to propose to her four years old boyfriend in Dublin, inheriting an Irish myth which a girl proposing to boy would work well if its happened in a leap year Feb 29th day. A typical triangular romantic comedy. Not surprisingly a journey from Dingle to Dublin made them falling in love, the girl to abandon her engagement and the guy finally proposed to her in a nice rocky sea mountain cliff. 

Alright back to the question, if my house was on fire, what would I take? I thought about it. Nothing came to my mind. All I can think of are my external hard-disks and everything else I thought I can earn back sooner or later. That for a moment amused me. Two hard-disks of data is what all I got?  In a way I have nothing much to lose. When bush fire threatened almost a kilometer away from my home this year, the same thought occurred too.  I had nothing much to grab. Ofcourse I took my camera, iPad and few author autographed books, but nothing as important as one would think.

Other than the hope.